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5 Best Semi-Truck Brands for Truck Drivers

When it comes to the best semi-truck brands, there are a few that automatically come to mind. While it is probably up to debate on which is the best long-haul truck, we have put together a list of the top five semi-trucks on the road today.



Macks are trucks built to work. Since they are fuel-efficient and lighter, they are trucks you can trust to get the job done. With a reputation for being tough work trucks, they will power you through even the toughest of jobs.

Mack semi-trucks are known for offering a combination of tough construction, reliable performance, and functional design. They perform for a range of applications, so you are able to handle almost any job. 

In addition to being fuel-efficient, Mack boasts cutting fuel costs by 13%. Their Mack Anthem HE+ Package is the most fuel-efficient engine that Mack has ever built. It gets 11 or more miles per gallon, cutting up to $9,100 in gas per year.



Volvo semi-trucks aren’t as common in the United States, but they are excellent trucks. They are one of the top international brands. The same parent company that makes Mack trucks actually makes Volvo trucks as well, so drivers can be sure that they are getting a very high quality and dependable truck when buying a Volvo. The parent company also has great driver support.

Like Mack, Volvo has been focusing on fuel efficiency. Their D13TC engine is standard for the VNL series, which is 6% more fuel-efficient than the 2020 D13 engine. This in turn is 11% more efficient than models from 2015.



International semi-trucks are most known for their performance and power. Some of their most popular models are the Lonestar and LT series. Lonestar is ideal for special deliveries, such as livestock. International has an entire fleet of models, including light, medium, heavy, and severe semi-trucks.

In addition to being high quality, International trucks are known for their good looks. International designed its trucks to not only be sleek and attractive but to be extremely comfortable. They handle well and have improved front and side visibility for increased safety. They handle extremely well, lending to a pleasant driving experience. 



Freightliner is one of the most popular brands of trucks among truck drivers. In addition to housing a 350-600 horsepower engine, they offer good fuel efficiency, saving you money in gas over the years. They are also usually less expensive to buy and operate than some of the other big-name brands.

Freightliners are able to handle a wide variety of loads, and they offer crew cab, day, and sleeper options. The most popular models are the eM2 and eCascadia, which are both electric trucks with top features.



People say that Peterbilt semi-trucks are the Harleys of the trucking world. They are made by PACCAR, which is the same parent company that makes Kenworth trucks. They feature classic looks and aluminum bodies. 

If you are hauling very heavy loads, you might want to look at another brand, as Peterbilts are lighter trucks with great fuel efficiency. If you are looking for a truck with alternative fuel options, Peterbilt is the brand for you. All in all, Peterbilt semi-trucks are iconic and high quality.


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