How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Semi Truck?


How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Semi Truck?

Truck driving as an occupation has a variety of benefits. You can potentially set your own hours and the salary is great! You will also have significant job security, and the ability to travel around and see the country is limitless. However, buying your own semi truck can be a major financial investment. With this being said, leasing a semi truck can be a more reliable option. 

At Tri-State Truck Center, we pride ourselves in offering affordable leasing options for a variety of semi trucks, commercial trucks, and fleet equipment. We understand that leasing may be the best option, and we would love to assist you with your semi truck leasing or commercial truck leasing needs.

Interested? We’ll review the following topics in this blog: what is leasing, how much does leasing a semi truck cost, and what are the benefits of leasing a semi truck instead of buying.

What is Leasing?

First, let’s discuss what leasing is. Leasing is when an individual (or lessee) uses, or essentially borrows, a motor vehicle (in this case, a semi or commercial truck) for a fixed period of time, and an agreed amount of money is exchanged. 

Before the leasing process is started, it is important to understand the differences between leasing a truck, owning a truck, and being employed as a company driver. When an individual leases a semi truck, the lessee is paying the company a certain amount of money to use it. Also, when it comes to payment, the lessee is paid a percentage based on the loads that they deliver. When an individual owns their semi truck, they tend to take home a larger portion of their profit as long as there is no payment due to the bank or trucking dealer. Lastly, if someone is a company driver, they drive on behalf of your company and do not own or pay for the semi truck; they are also typically paid per mile. 

There are two different types of leasing methods when it comes to semi truck leasing or commercial truck leasing. 

  • One, an individual can lease a semi truck directly from a dealer or 

  • Two, they can lease a semi truck from a trucking carrier. 

At Tri-State Truck Center, we have nine different locations throughout the states of AR, MS, MO & TN, and carry popular brands such as International, Mack, and Volvo, which all can be leased!

How Much Does a Semi Truck Lease Cost?

Let’s take a look at the cost of leasing a semi truck. When looking to lease a semi truck, there are a couple of varying factors that can affect the cost of your semi truck lease. For example, some of these factors include: 

  • Location

  • The length of lease periods

  • What company you are leasing from

For new trucks, the average cost of a semi truck lease is between $1,600 and $2,500 per month. For used trucks, the average cost of leasing ranges from $800-$1,600 per month. Something to keep in mind is that these costs do not include the initial down payment for the semi truck or commercial truck lease. 

However, there are some additional factors that your lease does not cover and that you are individually responsible for. Some of these individual costs include insurance, taxes, certain repairs and maintenance, charges for excess miles, and fuel fees. With this being said, additional costs can vary depending on the companies you service, so be sure to do your due diligence ahead of time.

Benefits of Leasing Instead of Buying

When analyzing your career path in the transportation field, it is important to weigh both options of either buying or leasing a semi truck. However, when it comes down to it, leasing has some great advantages: 

  • Ability to Approximate Cost

    • When leasing, the lessee will have the ability to know your monthly transportation costs, which will give you a more secure mindset. 

  • Improving Cash Flows & More Financial Flexibility 

    • Leasing tends to cost lower than buying which means that the lessee will take home more money in their pockets. 

  • Avoid Depreciation 

    • Since the lessee does not own the semi or commercial vehicle, there is no financial responsibility for the sudden devaluation of equipment or declining markets for resale. 

  • Time to Focus on More Important Things 

    • Leasing allows companies and individuals more time to focus on the important things such as their families or the core of their business.

Interested in Semi Truck Leasing? We Can Help!

Founded in 1945, Tri-State Truck Center is the one-stop shop for all of your trucking and leasing needs. We have nine family-owned locations throughout the Mid-South and each location takes pride in providing quality service to our customers and are always working hard to maintain our long-term financial success by adapting our services to meet the changing needs of our customers. Additionally, Tri-State Truck Center carries popular semi truck and commercial truck brands such as International, Mack, and Volvo. 

Interested in learning more about our semi truck leasing or commercial trucking needs, contact us here!

Tri-State Truck Center Locations:

  • Jonesboro, AR

  • Little Rock, AR

  • Greenwood, MS (Leasing) 

  • Indianola, MS (Leasing) 

  • Jackson, MS

  • Meridian, MS

  • Tupelo, MS

  • Joplin, MO

  • Springfield, MO

  • Jackson, TN

  • Memphis, TN

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in building your trucking business!

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