Why Is Chassis Lubrication So Important?


Why Is Chassis Lubrication So Important?

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Chassis lubrication is a service that is often overlooked during routine fleet maintenance, however, it’s extremely important to the health of your semi-truck. The chassis has a direct impact on the reliability and productivity of your vehicle, so making sure it’s well-maintained is crucial for performance. If neglected, your truck may experience steering or suspension issues.

 In this blog, we’ll discuss three reasons why chassis lubrication is so important:

  • Protects from wear

  • Protects from corrosion

  • Improved riding experience

Protects from Wear

Your truck’s chassis is very susceptible to wear from daily use and exposure. Parts of the chassis often rub against each other, which causes friction. This friction eventually causes increasing wear and tear, which leads to the failure of other parts. Chassis lubrication prevents these parts from enduring as much friction, and will allow them to last longer. The cost of this service is low compared to the cost of replacing failed parts!

Protects from Corrosion

Because the chassis of your semi-truck is so exposed, it can be damaged by weather. One of the most common forms of weather damage is corrosion, caused by rain or snow. Chassis lubrication seals out moisture, so the chassis cannot corrode as easily from contact with water. This extra layer of protection keeps your chassis weather-resistant and in working order!

Improved Riding Experience

Whether you’re traveling across the state or the country, every driver wants the best riding experience possible. By lubricating your chassis, you can reduce squeaks and rattles that come from deteriorating parts, allowing for a more peaceful ride and making you feel safer. This service also allows for smoother handling, so you can coast for the entirety of your trip.

We Provide the Services You Need

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